Is Penomet expensive for penis pump?

Have you ever feel lack of confidence in front of your wife because of your penis size?  This is one of matter that men are commonly faced. Hence, what kind of solution that is most suitable for it?

There are some ways that you can do to overcome it. Using penis pump is one of it. Among many models that are available in the market these days, penomet is the one that is widely chosen by men.

There are a lot of factors that make penomet is liked by many men. Some factors such as the ease of use perhaps become one of the considerations why men like to choose it. Even though, it has many advantages, some people say that penomet is expensive for a penis pump. So, is this opinion really right?

The prices of the packages

Actually, Penomet Price is available in three packages. They are standard, extra, and premium. All of them are still in a similar product. The differences only located in the variations of gaiters and accessories that complement it.

The price of standard model is around £79.00 and it has one pressure gaiter. The cost of extra model is around £126.000 and it has 3 pressure gaiters and top of the range. Meanwhile, the last model, premium has 5 pressure gaiters. It also complements with 3 cans of particular cleaning foam in order to help this device in good condition to be used.

Among the three models of penomet, the premium model is the most costly in term of price, but the packages also considered as the most complete one. Moreover, premium model will fit with any size and shape of penis so that you do not need to change to another penis pump.


The special warranty of penomet

You do not have to worry about the quality and durability of penomet because it provides you with a lifetime warranty. Moreover it also offer you with a year cash back guarantee that most of penis pumps do not have it. Mostly the penis pumps that available in the market just offer 60 day cash back guarantee or less.

The discounts that are offered

Besides the warranty, the other benefit if you choose penomet is the discounts. It helps you to save your money, doesn’t it? It is not surprising if many people tend to choose penomet rather than the other products.

Different model of penomet has different discount as well. The standard model usually will help you to save 57 Euro. The other model, the extra package will help you to keep up to 106 Euro. Even the most expensive model, the premium will help you to save until 190 Euro.

The advantages of penomet

Before you judge whether this product is expensive or not, you better consider about the advantages of it first. Actually, penomet is very easy to use. The other good point is it is fit with all kinds of penis shape and size. It also can help you to increase the length of the penis up to 12 inches without changing into another mol of pump.

So, with those kinds of considerations, do you still think that penomet is expensive? Yes, perhaps it is still a little bit expensive. However, with the lifetime warranty and other advantages the price is matching with the best quality of the products.

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